It’s true, Mazda IS still working on a new Rotary engine!

If you haven’t heard by now, Mazda has been in the works for a new rotary engine. Mazda revealed the RX-Vision Concept in 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show.  The RX-Vision follows the path of previous RX’s. This includes a 2 door sports car that is rear-wheel-drive. The vehicles looks absolutely gorgeous, as it follows Mazdas’ KODO Design. 

Mazda New Rotary Eninge
Photo: Mazda Motor Corp

March 24th, 2016 Patent

The first patent was published March 24th in 2016. Mazda called for adjusting the position of the engine. Looking at the photo above, they moved the exhaust port towards the bottom and the intake port towards the top. Many enthusiasts were ecstatic after hearing the original news of the RX-Vision in 2015. Mazda is truly following up on their promise of a new, more efficient, rotary-powered sports car.

March 16th, 2017

Mazda filed another patent that was published March 16th, 2017. This is another patent that related to the rotary engine by the drawing above. According to the patent, the rotary engine is to provide power to a generator, which in terms drives an electric engine. Rumors of both BMW and Audi providing a rotary powered hybrid come from this patent. It isn’t quite what we expect, but Mazda is moving in terms of financial stability currently.  Kiyoshi Fujiwara, the company’s senior managing executive officer of research and development, said in a statement:

“For surviving, Mazda needs money to spend on autonomous driving technology, co-pilot and next-gen SkyActiv-D, and hybrid systems and electrifications. Therefore we need the money…,” said Fujiwara.

“After that, if we can get money, probably we make a more higher and better brand, therefore we need a rotary engine. We are still working on a rotary engine itself with a limited number of engineers, but we have to get money now and also we have to be positioned to be able to become higher brand image. We can do that [eventually]. We don’t give up.”

Kiyoshi Fujiwara
Photo: Mazda

New Update from Frankfurt!

The good news is there was a recent update on the next-gen rotary engines. Though no specifics, we get word from Kiyoshi Fujiwara that Mazda IS still working on a rotary powerplant. The company is still recovering over the rocky last few years, Kiyoshi states. Mazda is investing its limited R&D budget into other technologies, for the time being. Fujiwara does want to set a goal of launching another rotary engine before he retires:

“[Timing] depends on the business itself. I am now 57-58 years old, 30 years later I will die. This rotary engine is my dream and also our chief designer, he also has the same dream, therefore I have some years left to make this dream come true. Therefore, 10 years or 20 years, no, I died [sic]. Before I retire, that’s my dream.”

Either way, we are hoping for a new rotary engine as we are fans. What are your thoughts?