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KC HiLiTES – Lights for your 4×4 Off Road Vehicle

No matter where you live, there is nothing like a cool set of lights for your vehicle. Am I right? All year long, lighting becomes an issue. Especially during inclement weather or out on the trails. KC HiLites is based in Arizona and creates some pretty bad ass lights. They are especially big in the Jeep Community. What launched the company was the original KC HiLiTES Daylighter.

kc hilites daylighter
KC HiLiTES 634 Daylighter Black 130w Driving Light System

KC HiLites Famous Smile ūüôā

I know you’ve seen them around. The infamous smile that has brightened trails all across America! The company was started by¬†Pete Brown. He started using landing lights from aircraft by adapting them to his truck. Once he realized they weren’t up quite right for the trails. He modified them by adjusting the brackets, wiring harnesses, and lights. Packaging them, he sold a few to friends and the company started to take off. Today, KC HiLites is still one of the most recognized 4×4 offroad lights on the road today. The KC HiLites Daylighter is still available, here is a list of other offroad lights you can get today!

KC HiLites 150 Apollo
KC HiLiTES 150 Apollo Pro 6″ 100w Spot Beam Light System

KC HiLiTES 150 Apollo Pro 6″ 100w Spot Beam Light System

First up is the KC HiLites 150 Apollo Pro 6″ 100W Spot Beam Light System. This lighting system offers a Round black Polymax¬†housing with Integrated Stone Guard, all made in the USA. The bulb is a 100 watt H3 Halogen that provides light equivalent to 200,000 candles! In addition, the bulb is replaceable and offers a pencil beam¬†pattern for maximum forward distance visibility. The system is system includes¬†complete relay wiring harness, switch kit, and integrated stone guards. Did we say they are Made and Assembled in the USA? #’merica¬†You can also find the KC HiLiTES 151 Apollo Pro 6″ 100w Driving Light System. The difference is the 151 offers a spread pattern compared to the pencil pattern of the 150.

KC HiLites 315 C-Series
KC HiLiTES 315 C-Series Amber 3″ C3 LED Pack System, Pair

KC HiLiTES 315 C-Series Amber 3″ C3 LED

For those looking for KC HiLites LED series, the 315 C-Series may be the lights for you. You can find this in a pack of 2 on Amazon. Total wattage is 12w with an output of 1,080 lumens. The color temp is 6000k with an LED life of 50,000 hours! In addition, these lights carry an IP67 rating. This is a common term we here with phones today. What an IP67 rating means is the lights are fully protected from dust and can withstand being submerged in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 minutes. So don’t skip those river-crossing and large puddles! The lights are carry a 23-year warranty.

KC HiLites 124 SlimLite
KC HiLiTES 124 SlimLite Black 100w Driving Light System

KC HiLites 124 SlimLite Black 100W

Also available are the KC HiLites SlimLite line. These feature the 6″ round profile with a black powder¬†coated steel housing. In addition, they feature the¬†100 Watt H3 Replaceable Halogen Bulb. The 124 model offers a Driving¬†Spread Beam Pattern for additional width and distance to maximize visibility. The¬†KC HiLiTES 121 SlimLite Black 130w Spot Beam Light System¬†offers a Pencil Beam Pattern. Both 124 and 121 includes complete wire harness, switch kit, and ABS Stone Guards.

KC Gravity LED Pro6 50 in 8 Light Combo Beam LED Light Bar Toyota Tacoma 05-16
KC Gravity LED Pro6 50 in 8 Light Combo Beam LED Light Bar Toyota Tacoma 05-16

KC Gravity LED Pro6 50 in 8 Light Combo Beam LED Light Bar Toyota Tacoma 05-16

For Tacoma owners looking to take their lighting game to the next level, meet the Pro6 combo. This bad boy features 8 KC Gravity LED Pro6 lights that span 50 inches. The Pro6 lights offer high output with low amperage draw to keep you illuminated without running down your battery. In addition, the¬†Patent-pending Infinity Ring system enables you to configure the LED bar to be straight, radius, or a hybrid radius positions! This specific system is made for the Tacoma, but don’t worry. KC HiLites has this configuration for a variety of vehicles!

KC HiLites Light Bar
KC Hilites 28 inch Multi-function UTV & Jeep LED Chase Rear Facing LED Light Bar

KC HiLites Light Bar 28″ LED

A more affordable solution is the KC HiLights Light Bar 28″ LED. This model is multi-functional which means, it has red brake lights and blinker capabilities. The multi-functions comply with street legal standards, this makes it perfect for use on your Jeep, Car, Truck and UTV (If permitted for street use).¬†¬†It also has an Amber LED Dust Lights with Strobe Capability and White Flood Lights. At the time of this writing, you can find it online for an affordable $360 compared to the above KC HiLights light bar that averages $1,700!

KC HiLights Light Bar Array
KC HiLiTES 275 FLEX 10″ 50W LED Array Combo (Spot/Spread Beam)

KC HiLiTES Light Bar 275 FLEX 10″ 50W LED Array Combo

For those looking for a smaller light bar, this KC HiLites makes this cool “array” combo. ¬†Each light is IP68 rated with the wattage of around 50w (each). The Flex housings and light cores are made of high-grade aluminum. The bulb color temperature is¬†5,700K and they offer 50,000 hours of LED life! The system includes wiring harness with waterproof connectors.

kc hilites daylighter covers kc hilites daylighter covers kc hilites daylighter covers


Parts & Accessories

One thing many people are a fan of is how easy it is to access parts and accessories. From bulbs to shrouds, KC HiLites makes everything available and all from online.

Light covers are available in different styles and colors to give your offroad vehicle a little more personality. You can find these online for $10!

KC HiLites Stone Guard KC HiLites Stone Guard KC HiLites Stone Guard

Broke a chipped a stone guard? No problem! Replacements are available as well in different styles and colors. They are super affordable as well, as in 20$.

There are many choices available, but for some there are is only KC HiLites. We are a fan. They carry an iconic name, offer affordable and wild solutions, and are all right in Arizona. For more information, feel free to click any of the picture or links.

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