LEGO Technic Formula 1 Sets!

What used to be toys for kids, are now toys for adults. If you haven’t heard, LEGO technic is an “advanced” version compared to standard LEGO’s. Technic features pull-back motors, electric controlled motors, gears, and more! Either way, gearheads are known for collecting strange car memorabilia. If you are a fan of Formula 1 and/or building something cool, this is for you! Check out our list of some of the coolest LEGO Technic Formula 1 sets available. LEGO Technic Formula 1 Grand Prix Racer 42000 The first set in this…

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kc hilites Jeep Wrangler Reviews 

KC HiLiTES – Lights for your 4×4 Off Road Vehicle

No matter where you live, there is nothing like a cool set of lights for your vehicle. Am I right? All year long, lighting becomes an issue. Especially during inclement weather or out on the trails. KC HiLites is based in Arizona and creates some pretty bad ass lights. They are especially big in the Jeep Community. What launched the company was the originalĀ KC HiLiTES Daylighter. KC HiLites Famous Smile šŸ™‚ I know you’ve seen them around. The infamous smile that has brightened trails all across America! The company was…

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DB Power 600A Reviews 

DBPOWER 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

Whew, what a title. Honestly, I don’t expect to really gain any SEO value with this blog or post. I do hope someone finds value in this post though. So if you find this because you aren’t sure of purchasing this – the title is for you. DBPower 600A – First Impressions This post will be the unboxing andĀ first impressions. The story – my car died. I walked down to the local Autozone to buy a jump pack. You know those huge, 20lb, packs you lug around? Yea, that thing….

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