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Our Favorite Sports Cars From The 80’s

Ah, the 80’s…. MTV, neon colored sweatbands, and long hair. The 80’s may seem like a bad dream, but some of our favorite sports cars came from this era. Gas prices and emissions haven’t quite affected engines and technology was making advances in vehicles. Today, pricing for 80’s sports cars be as little as $700 on craigslist. And though the funky styling and large digital gauges may scare some, to us they are vintage and nostalgic. Here are some of our favorite sports cars from the 1980’s. Mazda 1978-1985 RX-7…

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Lu Lu Lemon 2004 GX470 Blog 

Motorsports are an expensive, addicting habit

It’s no surprise to those who know me that I am a car freak. Something about the vehicle being “alive” draws me to it. It isn’t only cars, honestly, anything with an engine intrigues me. To date, I have owned 24 vehicles and 3 motorcycles. On average I would always have 2 vehicles. No, I am not bragging. 40% of the time the 2nd vehicle was either broken or a parts car haha. The funny thing is I just can’t seem to get away from it. Houston Now living in…

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